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Post  Abelia on Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:00 pm

Ranks listed in order from Dominant to Punishment. Each is placed in their perspective tier with a note of their dominance below.

Dominant Ranks: LC, LLC, LLLC, LLCC
These are the leading ranks in the pack. Any ranks below these must submit to their orders when the Red Lord is absent.

Sub Dominant Ranks: LCC, LCX, LCG, LCH, LCS, LCO, LCD, COO, Lrr
Lead smaller portions of the pack and must submit to the Dominant ranks. In charge when the Dominant ranks are absent.

Sub High Ranks: CXX, LCc
Are training to obtain an official Sub Dominant ranking. In charge when the Dominant and Sub Dominant ranks are absent.

Middle Ranks: CC, CX, CH, VC, CG, CO, Css, CS, CO, cLc
The normal ranks of the pack. Received after learning the basics of each tier depending on if a low rank is provided. Must submit to the Dominant, Sub Dominant and Sub High ranks.

Low Ranks: Cc, Cx, Co
The beginning ranks and pups ranks. Must submit to the Dominant, Sub Dominant, Sub High and Middle ranks.

Entrance Ranks: SC, lc, llc, lllc, llcc, c
The only ranks in which one can enter the pack on. Must submit to all ranks except the Punishment ranks.

Punishment Ranks: L, X

Undesirable ranks that are for Omegas or those labeled for death. Must submit to all ranks listed above.

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