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Post  Abelia on Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:06 am

Interested in joining Seether Carnage? Or have already joined the pack as a recruit of Young Blood? This thread contains the basic information one needs to know while settling into the pack.

First, sign up on the site using your current character name. A Dominant rank will accept your request as soon as possible.

Second, please take the time to read over the pack rules. All rules are to be followed at all times. Pack rules can be found here: http://seethercarnage.forumotion.com/f6-rules

Third, if you are a New Blood (SC) or a Young Blood (pup), you are going to need to consider which rank you would like to receive after your initiation into the pack. The following ranks are the starting ranks within the pack:

These are the warrior of the pack. They train hard beneath the Warlord to become the best fighters in the plains. These wolves are brutal, stoic, faithful and enjoy any chance to rip into another's flesh of the flesh of a New Blood. They are under the jurisdiction of the Warlords and have several upgrade choices.

These are the bullies of the pack. This particular rank requires a very skilled roleplayer to fill the position. This rank demands quite a bit from the wolves forcing you to be quick, smart, agile and demands you think on your feet. These are the traditional carnagers of the pack and are the first to partake in the initiations of the New Blood. They are under the jurisdiction of the Crimson Sinner and have several upgrade choices.

These are the scouts of the pack. The swift and light footed wolves of the pack. Their senses are keen and their loyalty strong. They aid the pack in monitoring selected individuals, head out of the territory on training missions and to do the will of the Red Lords. These wolves are under the jurisdiction of the Mortal Sin.

These are considered the assassins of the pack. Light footed, keen and smart these wolves are able to carry out orders without question and offer a swift kill to their target. They train alongside the scouts and aid them when necessary with missions and training. These wolves are under the jurisdiction of the Mortal Sin.

These are the guards of the pack. Normally larger than the average wolf these beasts are able to patrol the borders and use keen eye sight to keep the borders safe. They handle outsiders who are trying to trespass into the territory and work alongside the scouts to relay urgent messages to the Red Lords and Dominant ranks. Under the jurisdiction of the Border Keep.

These are the healers of the pack. The youngest of all the healers and learning the basics, they tend to smaller wounds under the supervision of the High Priest or Arch Angel.

These are the hunters of the pack. They are trained and skilled in hunting, tracking, team work and subtly. They are the main providers of the pack and are under the jurisdiction of the Fletcher.

These are the den mothers and caretakers of the pack. They are particularly fond in the welfare and growth of the young of the pack and the welfare of the Elden. During times of war they stay behind to guard the pups and Elden. Under the jurisdiction of the Den Knight.

Any of these ranks caught your attention? If so you can read more about them in the ranks thread located here: http://seethercarnage.forumotion.com/f7-ranks

Once you have chosen your desired rank, place an application here to begin your life in the pack: http://seethercarnage.forumotion.com/t8-application-to-join-the-pack

All full grown recruits are required to wait a minimum of three days in real life before being initiated. Pups are required to wait a total of three weeks before being initiated and during this time must grow slowly. Once you are initiated you are given a rank and can begin training under the leaders of your rank.

Some links are not accessible until you are accepted into the site.

Welcome to the family.

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