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Post  Abelia on Tue Jan 08, 2013 7:04 am

A loner trudges through the forest in hopes of meat or any type of food.The cold dark night slithers over you making your fur wet with crystals of water dripping upon you.You shiver and hope this night will go by fast. And as you go in deeper and stray from your familiar radius,your orbs locked onto the landscape around you.You stop every now and then,raising your nose up high for any scent and though you try to stay strong,your dieing in the inside for food.

Just as you go farther into the unknown woods you find yourself swarmed with crows and ravens. They circle you and land in trees watching you like a hawk.They never take there cold and frighting gaze off you and as the night grows darker you find yourself barely seeing the rest of the way. You try your best to flee from the hungry flesh thirsty birds that strike at your back every now and then. You try to shoo them away but there cawing at there highest and making a racket.

Just as you think you have escaped it all, you stop dead in your tracks hearing voices not far from were your stationed. The ravens and crows land in the trees still watching you keeping their harsh orbs into your soul. But they make no voice, no caw, no screech..nothing at all dare escapes there beaks. You begin to shake and cower wondering what's going to happen to you next. The birds falling over silence make you wonder what this creature as to make them do this.You knew,there loud and picky.Your voice escapes your maw quietly but scared like."H-Hello,anybody here?" You yell slightly not wanting an answer so you could continue on. A small deep and yet not to far away voice answers you. They seem to be chanting something as the voices grew closer. You see small and large figures come near you their eyes glowing and their teeth shining.

As the figures get even closer to you. You lower your frame drawing into submission and keep your auds perked.You finally understand there chanting. "We are,the children of the Blood Red Moon. So come and join the murderous tune. We will eat you by the layers so drop upon your knees and say your prayers." You cower scared to your fullest. You wonder will they kill me? What does this chant even mean?A slight whimper escapes your throat as two large figures stand in front of you.The voices immediately stop. Their glowing and cold orbs locked onto you and the two figures that stand in front of you."You seem you need assistance my dear rouge." The second largest figure said. "Yes indeed you do." The largest of all the wolves said. You draw your body closer into a submissive ball. You shake and wonder what they wanted from you. But hunger made you speak."Yes-Yes,I do..I mean no harm I'm just looking for food is all." You try your best to get away from a conversation. Although you don't want to speak to them no longer,one more thing from you asks the two large figures. "What do you want from me?" You ask them nervously waiting for a grumpy and rude reply. "We are the Seething leaders of our pack.And we,want you to join us."

-Written by Vincent BloodJaw

-Edited by Abelia BlooeJaw

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