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Post  Abelia on Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:55 am

Carnaging is a popular family tradition beyond the pack. Every member in the SC have at least experienced it once or even twice! Some have even been honored enough to participate in the carnages. Anyways, carnages will be used on New Blood once recruits have been around for three actual days you'll be given five minutes of bloodshed and painful wavers. Sharp teeth and claws dig under your skin. If lucky enough a large "C" will be carved onto your body.

Crimson Bonding

The Seether bond is very different beyond many packs. Many howl and get cuddly with each other for bonding. However our pack hunts down the innocent and the weak and feast upon there warm crimson blood. Basically the pack hunts down targeted members or even just random prey to kill and have a good feast.

Red Moon Howling
The Seether Carnage pack is based off the glorious and powerful Red Moon. All members must be great full for it's power and how much it inspired our ancestry. The Red Moon is the mother of us all and to offer it back we howl together and show our true power howling to the Crimson Moon --as one.

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