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Laws of the Pack Empty Laws of the Pack

Post  Abelia on Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:42 pm

In character (IC)
* Respect the authority of the higher ups without contest. The Red Lord's word is law. Any show of disrespect or a challenge against their standing may, depending on the circumstances, result in the death of the one responsible.

* Treason is not prohibited. Violators will be submitted to the cruelest of punishment and removed from the pack.

* Mates within an enemy pack is strictly prohibited. Siblings within enemy packs are not prohibited on the premises of the pack's lands.

* No other ranks other than the Dominant, Sub Dominant, Sub High, Middle and Low tiers are permitted to have and breed pups. Must follow the guidelines set for the number of pups allowed to breed. Any pups found with any tier not mentioned will be killed on sight.

* Dominant and Sub Dominant ranks are allowed to walk without asking but must notify the pack of their leaving. Sub High, Middle and Low ranks MUST ask permission from the highest ranking wolf online to go on walks and leave the territory. Walk requests may be denied depending on circumstances.

* Stealing from other pack members and allies is strictly prohibited. Violators will be dealt with by the Dominant ranks which can range from a carnage to death depending on the severity of the situation.

* Adoption of pups is optional. The pup in question must submit a post to a Dominant ranks before allowed to wear the Young Blood tag and be admitted into the pack.

* Auto hitting, godmodding, Meta-gaming, Beta-gaming and one hit KO's are not permitted in this pack. This includes 'speed posting'.

* Two or more sentences are required during roleplay sessions. We don't expect you to be the best roleplayer out there but please put forth an effort to write out words fully and spell correctly.

* Fights and sparring are to remain strictly IC. Killing a character IC is only permitted if the opponent agrees on it. This does not apply to apply to enemies and strangers of the pack.

* Excessive use of foul language during roleplay is prohibited. Words such as 'damn', 'bastard', 'crap' and 'hell' are fine but the F-bomb is not tolerated. Please respect the young members of the game and pack in this matter.

* Romance between characters is to remain PG-13 in local chat. If it exceeds this then be courteous and move it to Party, Whisper or to a private map.

* Land claiming is strictly forbidden out of roleplay. If a wanderer or intruder crosses the borders and DOES NOT engage in roleplay then you are to ignore them unless they post or kindly remind them that roleplay is occurring. You only receive one warning regarding this matter. If it persists then the member violating the rule will be carnaged and exiled from the pack.

* Heavy use of gore and violence during roleplay is welcomed.

* Quotation marks (), {}, [] are to be used when speaking in local around or during roleplay sessions to as to make it easier to differentiate between in character and out of character. In saying this please attempt to keep all out of character banter in group, party or whisper so as to keep local clear for posts.

* Do not interact with any hostile persons unless you are certain they are roleplaying along with you.

* The right to speak with strangers on the territory is reserved for Dominant, Sub Dominant, Sub High and guarding ranks only. If none of these ranks are present then the highest ranking wolf online is the only one allowed to converse with them.

* Aging law: 1 month irl = 6 months in roleplay 2 months = 1 year

Out of Character (OOC)

* All members are to wear their pack tags after their names at all times, no exceptions.

* Eccentric coloration and design of your charasters is allowed but please remember we aren't sparkle dogs so don't overdo it.

* Absolutely no OOC drama is to occur. Keep your personal problems in party or whisper if you can't deal with them.

* Attention seekers and mate beggars will not be tolerated. Those who fall under these categories will be removed from the pack despite what rank they hold.

* Recruits are to be active for three consecutive days and must be approved by a mender or Dominant rank before being qualified for their carnage.

* The harassment and bullying of members both within the pack and in game is strictly prohibited. One warning will be issued before being banned from the pack and reported to the MODs for such behavior.

* Harassing the Dominant ranks about rank up's will not be tolerated. Speak to your mentors about training and the possibility of a rank up before submitting an application for approval.

* Maintain some degree of maturity please.

* Trolling behavior is not tolerated and can result in a kick from the group.

* Recruits are to wear the 'SC' tag until their carnage.

* Going out of your way to 'spy' on an enemy pack by either joining them on another character/account or harassing their members will result in a kick from the group.

* Mate begging and parent begging is strictly prohibited.

* All 'what if' cases will be reviewed and determined upon the the Dominant ranks.

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