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Application to Join the Pack Empty Application to Join the Pack

Post  Abelia on Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:07 pm

Please follow the outline below when submitting an application. All applications that fail to comply will not be taken into consideration.

Screenshot of your character (optional):

Character Name:


Character Age:




Mate (If applicable):

Offspring (If applicable):

Desired Rank:

Short description:

Post applications as a reply to this post.

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Application to Join the Pack Empty Fjarnir

Post  Fjarnir on Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:03 am

Character Name: Fjarnir
Username: Raiken
Character Age: 3 1/2
Gender: Male
Parents: Unknown; Fjar and his siblings were abandoned as pups.
Siblings: a brother, Malleus; a sister, Myrian; whereabouts and pack status for the two siblings are currently unknown.
Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A
Desired Rank: Red Seeker (CH) or Hawk Eye (CG).
Short Description:

(It's a little lengthy; sorry!)

Fjarnir, so-named by those who encountered him for a demeanor and scent as frigid as the Nordic wastes, is a loner by personality and a fighter by choice. He seeks a pack that will not look down on him for a gruff exterior and vicious fighting style. Fjarnir is extremely protective of things dear to him, and threatening them is akin to requesting a throat removal.

As a pup, he and his siblings were abandoned by their parents for unknown reasons; one night, the pups awoke alone, and their parents never returned. Sticking closely together, the trio managed to survive into adolescence; Fjarnir and Malleus performed pack duties relating to fighting and hunting, while Myrian provided any healing required; thankfully, she had an innate talent for it. Their co-Alpha system worked exceptionally, until the trio of youths were attacked by a group of rogues.

Despite the best attempts of both he and Malleus, Myrian was taken from them, and though they searched endlessly, the two were unable to find her. Both feeling responsible for the loss, Fjarnir and his brother went their separate ways, and haven't spoken since. Fjarnir still seeks retribution for his sister, who he believes to be dead. Since going his own way, every creature who has encountered him has described him as unbearably cold and occasionally cruel. He is a creature of few words and a generally low tolerance for anything that could be considered irritating, unless family or pack is involved.


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